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Shaykh Fu’aad al-‘Amree’s Visit to the Library

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful…

On the eve of Tuesday, the 7th of Thul-Qi’dah, 1435, Shaykh Fu’aad ibn Su’ood Al-‘Amree (Assistant to the Head of Religious Police in the Makkah Region), along with the virtuous brother, Abu Ziyad Khalid Bagais (Proprietor of Miraath Publications) -may Allaah preserve them both-, visited the library in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, shortly before it was packed to be shipped to America. Both offered important input about the future of the library.

Abu Ziyad advised that it not be placed as a waqf (endowment of perpetuity) until after I settle in Pittsburgh and I am sure it is securely in place at the masjid in a way that will be beneficial to a community who can use it.

Shaykh Fu’aad was very impressed with the library, stating that many of his teachers did not have libraries of this size. He mentioned the importance of students having personal libraries in their homes. He was asked about how to manage the availability of some of the books which have some aqeedah errors in them, i.e. should they be available to the public? He advised that such books remain with me personally or at the library location, locked up, so the common people do not have access.

He was shown the stickers in some of the books, like al-Kash-shaaf of Az-Zamakhsharee, which reads:

تحذير: في هذا الكتاب أفكار مخالفة لتعاليم الإسلام الصحيحة فإذا كنت عاميا أو طالب علم غير متمكن عليك بالاستفادة من غيره

WARNING: There are ideas in this book that contradict correct Islamic teachings; If you are a layman or a student of knowledge who is not grounded, take your benefit from other books.

He remarked that this sticker works well for the one who reads it and trusts me, however, when I have passed, people may have access to the books who either do not know or trust me. He added that prohibiting people from reading a book often causes special interest in that book for many people. (Very insightful, may Allaah bless him!) So he advised that it was not sufficient to merely mark the books as deviant while they remain available, but instead they should be marked and kept away from the general public.

He remarked that the library was well maintained, repeating many times:

مكتبة عامرة

ِA thriving library!

Shaykh Fu’aad supplicated for me and the library, as well as the community to which it is headed, praying that Allaah makes it a beacon for Salafiyyah in the West. (Aameen)

Written by: Moosaa Richardson

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