The 1MM Library Initiative

Library and Research Center of Western Pennsylvania, Supervised by Moosaa Richardson

VIDEO: Before and After Packing in Jeddah

This is the 1MM Library (may Allaah protect and preserve it) before and after it was packed in late 1435 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The entire library is currently being shipped to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We ask Allaah to aid us in establishing it as a much-needed resource for Muslim researchers in the United States, and may He bless the library and all those who cooperate to ship and maintain it. Check back for more updates and information about the library.

One comment on “VIDEO: Before and After Packing in Jeddah

  1. Abdul-Kareem
    April 10, 2017

    As salaam alaykum may Allah keep belivers on the middle course ameen. May Allah make it easy for you brothers amèen.


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