The 1MM Library Initiative

Library and Research Center of Western Pennsylvania, Supervised by Moosaa Richardson

Anticipation Grows as Patience and Optimism Continue

In the Name of Allaah…

This is just a brief update for those waiting for news about the library. Al-hamdulillaah, the library is safe and sound, in the city of…

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Yes, it is still in Jeddah. Last week, we secured its pickup from the last company that failed to ship it, “experts” in the field. The Sharif Cargo company was said to be one of the best, taking nearly three times the fees other companies charge for the same shipment. But the word was: These are the people who know how to do it, and they get the job done. Well, not so much apparently.

It seems the new regulations have landed us in some difficulty. New formalities and some other unforeseen difficulties have hampered its shipping. Allaah’s Aid is sought, and our reliance upon Him increases.

Al-hamdulillaah for our beloved brothers in Dubai, Qatar, and Riyadh, doing what they can to get it to a new shipping company, in shaa’ Allaah, in the coming days.

I never would have expected to be teaching in America for eight months without my books. For me, it has been an amazing experience. It is not just a test of patience, but rather it has opened doors of good I never thought about. I’ve learned about new databases and resources that I did not previously know of. I’ve learned how to “max out” on a small number of resources in ways that have aided me in preparing my lessons and research tremendously. We ask Allaah to make us from those who embrace their trials in this life, looking for good in them, with optimism and hope.

Yes, I miss my books. Dearly. In fact, the only thing in this world I miss more than my books at this point are the faces of my beloved scholars!

For those of you asking about our funding: Everything is taken care of for now. Money is not the issue at this stage. Just fulfilling new requirements for shipping. Opportunities to cooperate on financing different phases of the project may be available once we get this library on the Atlantic Ocean, in shaa’ Allaah. For now, keep us in your prayers.

Written by: Moosaa Richardson





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"Whatever is [intended] for Allaah remains."